Ult vaate
Ult Battleship

Vaate Class

There is a reason the Ult where once among the most feared civilizations in the M-0 Galaxy . Their technology and fighting skills were of such renowned magnitude, that neither the Shiss  nor the Nul wanted to make the Ult angry.[1]

Even the Xunx stayed away from Ult space.

Even after their sudden reversal of agressive expansion, the Ult remained a technological advances species.

The core reason was the Vaate Class Battleship. A mighty garantor of Ult supremacy.

The Vaate Class was in service from around (700 OTT ) all the way untl 3590  (*) then as Union fleet unit.

The Vaate class of 700 OTT replaced the Plattk class and was upgraded and modernized constantly. 

The Ult have a tendency to hold on to a design if it is successful and make little changes until something new proves to be really superior.  Ult design is among the most reliable.

The 1200 m Vaate class had the appearance of a Harok fish , native to Ulta and a fierce predator.

The metal monster version of the Harok fish,  is a TL 6 + ship that went toe to toe with Kermac Habyr , Saran Ceops and Pan Saran Triemes and came out on top. 

Vaate Class made a serious contribution in defending the Union from the last Y'All invasion as there were still many available.

Vaate Surplus ships hastily reactivated after Stahl returned,  were among the first ships  with Translocator cannons and the new Para Diim shields ( 1st Generation)

Of course, the Vaate and the last ship class of purely Ult design (the Harokuu Class ) went the same way as all other ships with the dawn of the Uniform design docrine .

Most Vaate have been scrapped, a few have been demilitarized and sold on the civilian market.  About 500 remain in various Bone Yards and five are displayed in Museums.

It should be noted that the Karthanians got hold of several of the ships sold as suprplus and refurbished them as Battleships for the Jooltar and Oghr

[1] Of course no one, including the Ult want to make the Terrans angry (pre Union)