Vanderstraat Nebula is a small colorful cosmic cloud of expanding gases and stellar matter (as well as a widely dispersed asteroid cloud) discovered for United Earth by Rick Vanderstraat of the Plutonian Observatory, Venetia Burney University of Pluto, Sol System.

The Nebula is indeed very small in terms of size and volume but it is a colorful cloud and deemed very beautiful to look at.

It is not very well known especially compared to the spectacular sites of the Horsehead Nebula or the Pillars of God Nebula and until recently received not much attention in terms of scientific research. The somewhat spherical cloud has a diameter of 1/2 light year, with its highest particle concentration in its center.

In cosmic terms a very young stellar nebula, only about one million years old. It was believed (and is now confirmed) that the nebula of expanding gases and stellar matter came from the violent destruction of a Main sequence star (Seen).

The Vanderstraat Nebula is located in the Upward Sector and deep in Union Space.

Due to the knowledge and the data made available through the last surviving Celtest (Seenian) it was confirmed that the destroyed star was once known as Seen, the Jewel and it was the home system of the Seenians and the location of the Throne world of the Seenian rulers. It is now believed that the star was destroyed by the Dark Ones during the Seenian / Dark One War.

Former Seenian Commander Cateria, now Lt. Commander Cateria the Seenian identifying the Vanderstraat Nebula as the former seat of the Seenian government spurred great scientific interest and the Science Council placed a research station in its vicinity (Vanderstraat Research Facility Lollapalooza) mainly to search for Seenian artifacts.

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