Vault of Knowledge
Vault of Knowledge

(Galactic Mythical places and Legends)

Location: Sares Prime 1Sisters of Comprehension

The Vault of Knowledge is a complex of catacomb like basements reaching deep underground. The Vault of Knowledge is located underneath the Academy of Sciences and Arts on Sares Prime One.

The legend claims that the  collective knowledge of a culture that continuously exists for nearly two million years can be found in these Vaults. Only the upper twenty levels are accessible to visitors. The lower levels known as the Depository of the Forbidden is off limits to all but a chosen few.

There are many legends and stories about what these lowest levels contain. The legend specifies several mythical, legendary documents and books t

  • The only known records of the Dark Ones[1].

The Vault of Knowledge is maintained and guarded by the Sisters of Comprehension.

It is said that the lower levels are guarded by something or someone else that is not Saresii, not human and down there since the beginning. (See Baphophyl, the legend of)

  1. Since the Narth are more active and the Narth Supreme allowed access to the Narth Collection, the Vault of Knowledge is no longer the only or the oldest place of such records. After the awakening of the Dark One himself, even more detailed knowledge about the Dark Ones was obtained.
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