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Blusher veils

are very short in length and made with only one layer of material. This style of veil is used to cover the face prior to the ceremony, and falls just below the chin. It can be worn with virtually any style of dress.

Chapel Veil

The chapel style is considered a formal type of veil and is made from two layers of material. The first layer extends 2 1/2 yards from the headpiece and is used to cover the face during the ceremony. The second layer extends to the floor and is worn behind the head at all times. The chapel veil is appropriate to wear with a formal gown that is floor-length.

Similar to the chapel veil, the cathedral veil is made up of two layers of material in two different lengths. The first layer is used to cover the face, and falls 3 1/2 yards from the head piece. The second layer of the cathedral veil extends to the floor. The cathedral veil is most appropriate if your gown is very formal and has a long train.

Elbow Veil

An elbow veil can be made from one or two layers of material, and extends to the bride's elbows. This style is appropriate with any dress longer than knee length.

Fingertip Veil

Like the elbow veil, a fingertip veil can be made from one or two layers of material. It extends to the bride's fingertips, and looks best with formal, floor-length gowns.

Waltz Veil

The waltz is another style of formal veil, and its length varies. The shortest a waltz veil should fall is the knees, and the longest is the floor. This veil is made from a single layer of material.

Flyaway Veil

The flyaway veil is less formal than cathedral, waltz and chapel veils, and is made from several layers of material. The veil is short and falls to the shoulder blades. The flyaway veil should be worn with simple gowns, floor-length or shorter with no train.

Mantilla Veil

Mantilla veils are circular-shaped and rest on top of the head. The outside edges of the veil are covered with lace that frames the face. This style can be worn with any gown ankle-length or longer.

Russian/ Fishnet Veil

The Russian veil, sometimes called the fishnet veil, is a short veil usually attached to a decorative hairpiece. The veil falls asymmetrically across the face and is made from a single layer of material. The material usually has larger holes than traditional taffeta veils, and is sometimes made of fishnet material. Russian veils look best with short dresses, but can be worn with longer lengths up to floor-length.

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