Vela Tus
Union system within a fringe region known as 270Vela
within a region also known as Galaxy's Western Edge
M-0 Galaxy - Upward Sector

Vela Tus is a star system with an M-Class red star and four planets.
The system is connected via Space Bus , daily to Vela Main . It is a system beyond the main disc of the M-0 galaxy but it is still gravitationally bound to M-0 and not a Transgalactic star system.
All planets are utilized by Union colonists. 

Vela-Tus I
Vela-Tus II
Vela-Tus III
Vela-Tus IV

Vela-Tus II is within the Goldilocks zone and classified as a marginal Gardenworld with liquid water and a biosphere of non-sentient fungi.

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