The Anuna used a two part system for interstellar travel. Small Lander ships that are attached to Vimana

(Literary: Long Trip) ships with huge photon pressure sails (pushed by photon generators).

Acceleration phase to Tran slight takes several months. Deceleration phase takes month also.

The small Lander ships are not Trans light capable and have very crude Arti-Grav and chemical reaction drives.

The Vimana ships are not armed. Space battle from ship to ship has not been considered or thought possible.

The Lander ships can drop bombs and carry one or two mobile thermo cannons. The cannons need to be assembled before they can be deployed on a planet’s surface. The ships have only rudimentary magnetic shields. Force field technology has been encountered with the Freons but the technology had not been understood or adapted in existing Anuna technology.

A Lander ship is approximately 30 meters in diameter and can accommodate up to 12.

During their Interstellar trips the crews go in cryogenic sleep chambers.


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