Virtual Excursion Virtual Excursions are a variation of the Avatar - Virtu Experience unlike a Virtu Experience however where Users visit an artificial or pre-created event, Virtu Experience allows a group of individuals[1] to visit a point of interest (that offers Virtu Excursion tours.) 

Very often used by Union Schools to facilitate class room excursions. The Virtu Experience is different as the whole group experiences the same and interaction with the experienced environment is limited[2]. Some VE can be pre recorded others are live.

The Venus Zoo is the most visited place via Virtual Excursions (several hundred classes might visit every hour).  Most classes are given a combination of live and pre-recorded tour (the portions of the zoo to be visited are chosen live, observations of the animals in that portion could be live or that of a popular moment for a particular exibit.)

Notes Edit

  1. Often used in Union School as educational tool.
  2. Once Popular Sight Seeing / Tourism tool but is slowly fading out of favor and people rather travel to see it for real.