Union- Star System
Backyard Outer Fringe -West M-0 galaxy , Upward Sector
M Class Star (Red) 8 Rock Core planets.
All planets are occupied and utilized. Wakku System is represented like the other stars by a region Representative. All planets are mining and heavy industry centers. Planet Wakku IV is the system main planet with the largest population and the systems' main Spaceport (Spaceport Class C ) (System Taxis andlocal Spacebus service connects all points.
Noteworthy are the Fireparks of Wakku I drawing a good number of tourists. For this reason, the Wakku System administration invests heavily in Corporate retreat tourism.

Wakku I - Wakku VIII

Spacebus Connections (Bi-Weekly) - Post ship weekly

Spacebus line from and to Monocreos-Center  
Spacebus line from and to Pasii
Spacebus line from and to Isah's Star

Closest Space Train Depot : Isah's Star - 4812 LY - 2 Weeks by Spacebus

Distance Wakku - Pluribus  35,652 LY (7 Weeks by Spacebus)

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