Many People Believe "Walking Sam" Is A Shadow Demon Who Convinces Teens To Commit Suicide 

For the Native Americans of Pine Ridge, South Dakota , there are many major issues facing their community. Unfortunately, one of those issues is group suicide, and it has been particularly bad in recent years. Because of long-standing legends and stories, these mysterious suicides in South Dakota have sometimes been attributed to a malicious spirit. He is called Walking Sam, and while that name may sound harmless, the being that embodies it is anything but.

Walking Sam the shadow man convinces teens to commit suicide by whispering to them that they are worthless, not deserving of affection or life. While we don't know much about this spirit, because those in the tribe keep his stories quiet, we do know that his existence supposedly brings on lots of suicide. And whether it's supernaturally caused or not, suicide has been a growing problem for Native Americans of South Dakota.

No matter if you believe this is some sort of cursed place, if there's an evil spirit, or if there's simply a drastic issue of mental health and societal oppression, this matter has become a drastic one. Both the facts and the legends will be enough to make your blood run cold.

Walking Sam is an ancient being, according to Native American lore, tied in closely with spiritual beings known as the "Stick Indians." Stick Indians are the shadow people or dark people. Even in childhood, children hear legends of these dark forces, demonic presences that will stalk reservations and try to lure unsuspecting victims to their doom. They have a cloud of death that hangs over them and follows them, no matter who they are stalking.

You may know if one is nearby because you will hear it whistling to you. If you follow the whistling, these beings may have the ability to paralyze you, hypnotize you, or simply drive you insane. If you were to disrespect them somehow, they would hold the grudge and seek out vengeance upon you, no matter the cost. Some tribes still regard these beings with such fear and respect that they do not speak of them, and thus their full legend isn't known outside the indigenous communities. We do, however, know that Walking Sam is believed to be one of those beings and that he's one of the most powerful of them.

(AXIOM File 9967)

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