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Webb Stokes
is an Ult, and he was born on Nyyhtu, one of the oldest Ult colonies and only 12 light-years from Ulta, the Ult homeworld.

Ult females raise their children alone and the concept of marriage, husband and wife, are unknown in Ult society. His mother, Uyii Stokaa received the sperm for her first egg batch from what she believes was a very handsome successful Ult in a Union Fleet uniform, but she is not entirely sure. Uyii Stokaa his mother also served in the Union Fleet as an Explorer Captain until she retired. She raised six children of which four were male and 2 female. Webb was the latest and youngest and hatched in June 4945, Ult do not record the exact hatching day.

After completing Union School, Webb served two years in the United Stars Army at a planetary defense installation on Ulta, before he chanced services and entered the Union Fleet Academy.

Web specialized in Personnel Logistics and spent several years at Annapolis, Earth Fleet HQ. He also served eight years aboard several ships, including the USS Devastator.

He rose steadily through the ranks and was transferred to Arsenal II as an Instructor.

Webb is described by everyone, superior and lower ranks as genuine, honest and detail oriented. He is well liked and has a great passion for his job and the Fleet in general.

Admiral StokesEdit

In 4979 he was promoted to Admiral and appointed Commandant of the Halstor Academy branch. When the position of Commandant of Academy HQ became available he was recommended by many including Admiral Stahl and Admiral Mc Elligott. He serves as Academy Commandant of Academy HQ at Arsenal II ever since and with distinction. He takes great interest in the daily operations of the Academy and often teaches classes and participates in tests and exercises.

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