White lord
The White Lord

The forgotten Wizard. Einzwe Sebeach was born on Kermac as part of the Kermac Infiltration program ( during the time of the Peace Hawk Party). He was never sent to the Union as the Peace Hawk Party scheme came to light. He used a very controversial (Even among the Kermac) drug to increase his Psionic talents. While it apparently worked and made him the strongest Kermac Telepath and the only one developing the power of teleportation and telekinesis. (Due to the Terran / Saresii DNA they used to create him). He became a Wizard of the Arcane Chair , an obscure and little know Wizard ministry, where he studied the “The Powers of the Universe”. He stumbled upon the legend of the Dark One and during his research was recruited by Lord Lumis, to become an Agent for Lumis. The other Wizards especially the Grand Wizard feared his power, accused him to work and act for a foreign power. In addition to the fact that he “looked” Terran. He started hiding his appearance in white robes and survived two assassination attempts by his fellow Wizards. He left Kermac Prime and his current whereabouts are unknown.

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