White Nuns Inc

Union wide operating Social Services Contractor.

Head Office: Rome, Europe, Earth

Arm of the Roman Catholic Church. Their logo is a heart shaped rosary with the crucifix in the center.

While it has strong religious ties, it is a for profit organization. It is the 2nd largest of such companies [1] with over 20 Billion employees and volunteers throughut Union Space. The Union government contracts most Non-Cit social services out. The White Nuns bill the government per “head” served.

Many Space Ports Authorities also make use of such services.

The White Nuns operate Retreats, Sanatoriums, Orphanages, Mental Hospitals, Non-Cit Work and Detention Centers, Soup Kitchens, Bunk and Sleep Halls across Union Space.

White Nuns hire all beings, religious ties or convictions are not required. Male and female employees are called White Nuns and generally adopt a work name such as: Sister Anthony, Sister Michael etc. (actual gender, species and name have no influence) The Work uniform resembles a classical Pre Astro nun’s habit in solid white.

[1] Mother Moore’s, Caritas, Good Brothers, Buddha’s Care and Embrace Krishna are the largest competitors

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