Admiral B. Strother

Admiral William “Wild Bill” Strother.

Current Commander of COWACOM.

According to his official press kit, Mr. Strother is from Terra Earth North American region. He earned the nickname Wild Bill for his unconventional forward leading style. This style is best expressed by the choice of his flag ship, instead of having a Dreadnought or Arsenal ship, Strother uses the USS Hammerhead, a Super destroyer of the Agamemnon Class. Smaller than a battle ship, four times as fast as a dreadnought, it bares all non essential and is crammed with weapons and shield systems.[1][2]

Well founded legends tell of Admiral Strother manning the bomb elevators himself during the heat of battle or repulsing boarding parties at the first line.

The men who serve under Admiral call him “Our wild Bill” and express a particular pride to serve with and under this flag officer. His staff, handpicked individuals of officers, non comms and enlisted is called the Wild Bunch.


  1. While not mentioned in his official press release, he was acting Captain of the USS Devastator as a midshipman.  Admiral Stahl was reportedly very pleased with the result of that Big Test.
  2. When told about his style of leadership, Admiral McElligott supposedly said "Not another one!"

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