Winston Planet

Union Colony Planet - Upward Sector M-0 Galaxy -

System : Emperia, System

This marginal Garden world was colonized very early by Union Colonists right after 2220, before the Bureau of Colonist Affairs was active.

A group of Humans from the Sol System opposing the United Earth becoming a part of the United Stars left in order to built their own Colonies.[1]

One of these groups, the Human Purists (against the admission of the Ult) found a marginal Garden world and called it Winston Planet, after the groups leader George Winston.

The same planet was also chosen by the Empiralists (A group wanting United Earth becoming an Empire ruling over Sarans and Pan Sarans) Both groups landed and claimed the planet for each other (The Empiralists called it Earth Prime). Each group landing on a different continent and at first getting settled and survival was more important than squabbling and fighting. But both groups being Terrans it did not take long and they did start fighting.

The local sun named Emperia started a phase of extensive solar flare activity and the colonists without any Union contact or support were forced to go underground. It turned out the planet had an extensive tunnel and cave system that spread over the entire planet.[2]

It led to the Six Year Cave War of Winston Planet. The purists won and subjected the Imperalists to become a second class of servants, but eventually the two sides merged and became one.

The original reasons for leaving faded and the colony slowly developed.

When the planet was invaded by the Nogoll during the 4th Intergalactic War, the invaders had a hard time fighting the Winstons, before the Nogoll decided to commence orbital bombardment and abandon their plan to conquer the world, a Union Fleet caught up with them.

The Union securing the system made contact with the Colonists. The Colonists seeing the advances the Union had made decided to send a delegation to Pluribus and ask for membership.

{1] About eight percent of the population of all United Earth opposed the decision to create the United Stars of the Galaxy and wanted United Earth to remain independent. Of those eight percent (United Earth and all associated Colonies had a population of about 60 Billion at 2220) Of the about 4.8 Billion opposing the Membership, 500 Million decided to move and create their own independent colonies. ( This event is called the Exodus of the Separatists).

[2] this unusual feature was at first unexplained but it turned out the caves and tunnels were created by the Children of the Deep and a cave filled with Children of the Deep Nodule eggs hatched in 5040