Wisdom Keeper
aka Wisdom Keeper of the Fifth or Servant of the Fifth

A position within the Wisdom of the Fifth community. There are several ranks and levels within that society/ sect.
Any society may open, built or maintain a Wisdom Hall. Depending on the size of the community such a Wisdom Hall might be very small and employs only one Wisdom Keeper.
The Wisdom Keepers maintain themselves and the Wisdom Hall by selling Tokens of Wisdom and charging fees for service sermons.
Anyone can become a Wisdom Keeper and a Wisdom Keeper may step back from his or her position at any time.
To become a Wisdom Keeper, one has to travel to the Wisdom Hall above Corfic's Tomb and participate in a year long training. Until the person is declared to be a Wisdom Keeper, he or she has to maintain themselves (There is no paid internship) 
Once you are a Wisdom Keeper, you are supplied with robes, room and board and basic sustenance anything extra is to be paid by the Wisdom Keeper.
There are no forbidden foods, drinks etc.
The Wisdom Keeper is expected to have the wisdom to abstain from things that make him or her sick, dependent etc.

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