The fifth
Wisdom of the Fifth

The Fifth is the Fifth brother of Sateer , aka Corfic . He is a survivor of a precursor Universe and like his four brothers dedicated to find a solution to the situation of the rest of the Brotherhood .
The Sateer brotherhood tried to escape the destruction of their own universe by entering a featureless pocket universe. The core problem and oversight was the fact that the "entrance" to their pocket universe was in their now destroyed Universe of origin, thus trapping them.
The five brothers who weren't inside the pocket universe found different solutions to the same problem (Survival of their Universes destruction)
The only acceptable (Accepted by the RULE ) way to do this, is becoming an Entity (Entity Class 4 or lower). The RULE includes an iron clad part where it states that nothing of a precursor Universe should survive. The RULE has been broken in this and other regards.

The fifth brother aka Corfic became a living god to the Orlan . He guided the Orlan to TL 11 . It was the Orlan who under his direction built the Ancient Gate Network .
During his long rule over the Orlan his words and instructions were collected and became the basis of a Religious philosophy known by many spacefaring societies as the Wisdom of the Fifth.

Members and followers of this philosophy insist that it is not a religion as they do not worship Corfic or any other god. But the philosophy of the Fifth has survived for many billions of years and spread over many societies in many galaxies. It created many sub-religions with different doctrines. The core and "true" Wisdom of the Fifth however is to be found on Prostradoris . (the homeworld of the Prosthir ). Here a temple much older than the Porsthir species itself, raised over the actual tomb of Corfic is the very center of this philosophy/ religion.
The temple and the tomb are guarded by Wisdom Keepers and by the Black Guards .

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