The United Stars of the Galaxies are only one of eight known civilizations that developed small attack space craft known as fighters or space fighters.

In the Union it is the Terrans who initiated this kind of spacecraft and space warfare.

Ship to ship battle in space is difficult due to the vast speeds and distances. Especially before the development of faster than light weapons, space fighters were an alternative. Even today with a vast array of FTL weapons available, fast and nimble attack craft that can operate both in space and in planetary atmospheres prove very useful and were among the deciding factors in all three Intergalactic Wars. The Union relies on two types of Space Superiority Fighters, the Enroe Fulcrum Types and the SII Wolfcrafts. While the Enroe Fulcrum is a very solid and dependable craft, the Union Fleet mostly relies on Wolfcraft Fighters. The first Wolfcraft (Type I) first saw action in the Union versus Y'All war 1500 years ago.

Currently the fleet uses Wolfcraft V, VI and Khari-Wolfs (A joint Dai / SII development)

Pictured is a Wolfcraft III in with Standard weapon configuration as it is used until 5025 OTT.

It features triple TransDim Shielding; 2 ADCAP-Loki Mark XI torpedoes. 4 x Demi-Kilo Translocator Gatlings and 4 FTL-QuonPlasma-Tunnel Cannons.

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