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Xenobiologist, Rebecca Dunns Human

Leader Oruut

Lord Munth

e USS Pilark

Captain Robady

Ensign Sobur - Science Sarina Sobur Sylia Sobur

Brana Noleii - Science

Mehdi Senhadjii - S2 specialist

Brush Smarx Garbini Enginee

Ermarr, the Rude

Bridge Officers - USS Tigershark

Tigershark Crew Update List 1


Rakan of course, that poker playing champion Vvolti

Ras Sasmar Morthim

Rakan, Vvolti Rakan, Dr. Psychologist


Dr. Ziodo xeno biologist

Dien Tallow Maltyr Humanoid  zoologist

Xenobiologist, Rebecca Dunns



Fivecheer - PSI Specialist


Sodoby is certain they are Sybra and are native to a galaxy often referred to as Messier 33 but entered in the UAS catalog as Triangulum galaxy

a tall thin humanoid wearing a black suit od sort and a bright red and white striped jacket. The theme extended to a tall hat thing on his head and was repeated on his knee-high boots

The being had an additional set of joints in his long arms and legs, and only two fingers and an opposing thumb that was as long as his fingers. His skin had a light shade of green.

the old Sybra Khoov

Ancient civilization active in the Local Group [1]. About 2,800 Million years ago. No surviving member known. Scholars believe they are responsible for creating the Gore organism, the Lyrharm and the Harok. Evidence suggest these highly advanced and skilled bio engineers also created the Bebytan. Research evidence also suggests that they used the Yoistal as base for their many creations.

Latest research and scholastic material recovered from Itomarian spheres, point to the fact that Dusty might be a "Gardeners of Space" creation as well.

It is not known if the Gardeners of Space were a distinct species or a multi culture/ species society.

Enuk, believes the Ikat are the Gardeners of Space.

e Qo tribe

See Ikat,the

It is believed the Gardeners of Space were humanoid. The image is a computronic reconstruction of partially recovered data from an Itomarian sphere, from Enuk's description and other sources.

[1] Exact planet or system of origin disputed

This story takes place around 2020 OTT (Old Terran Time). Earth in general is not aware of extra terrestrial, sentient life. This of course does not include AXIOM and other secret organizations and government agencies mentioned in the previous books. The Galactic Council mentioned here is the First or the Original Galactic Council and not the one the Kermac led one that becomes the prime opponent of the United Stars of the Galaxies at a much later time.

Tar-Kur the tribal leader of the Qo tribe was still bragging about his success with the Thka society and he was most proud of his fighter pilots as they had unmasked one of the Galaxies great legends and myths to be nothing more than a hoax. The famous Harok, the ship of the Thirteen; the collector of the chosen was nothing more than a weak ship of organic origin. Its weapons were nothing really spectacular. The Tribe had lost four fighters.

Yes, he let the Harok retreat, wounded and most likely dead just like its crew drifting somewhere in deep space, not too far from Thea-Th-Ka.

The same sun that would rise in the skies of the second planet, the homeworld of the Thka society. It would reveal the carnage, the destruction and the devastation his tribe had left behind.

The Dai had no planets. A society of carbon based life forms needed planets and a space faring society needed resources. Thus the Dai Than took what they need from others. The life  of the Dai was harsh and their wisdom knew before others lived the Dai must live.

Once the Dai too had a planet of origin. A place of their own, but it was destroyed by the events of the forbidden past. Only the Pale Ones of Thana Shoo still knew what truly happened. Asking about the Forbidden Past was courting with worse than death. The past was taboo and those who dared to ask, declared Dai-Sho, outcasts and bearers of unbearable shame.

There where many Dai tribes that roamed the galaxy.

Some were ancient and enormous like the legendary Hi tribe, with over 50 million members and no less than fourteen of the biggest Dai Mothers ever seen. Other tribes  were small or had only recently formed.

The Qo tribe was not of the  ancient kind , but it could trace its origin all the way to the 59 Ancient families that left Thana Shoo just before it was destroyed.

His tribe was still quite small in size and numbers, yet it was growing and  he was proud of their own Dai Mother.

A ship over 12 miles long and eight miles wide at its greatest diameter.

Long gone were the times, the skills and the resources to create the enormous mothers that still dominated all Dai society. Smaller ones like the Qo Mother, built by the Pale Ones in ancient orbital facilities in the Thana system could 0nly be completed every hundred periods or so .

To others Dai mothers looked like a collection of various size steel bubbles stuck together from small to big. Somewhat resembling a bunch of grapes.

It housed factories,farms and gardens, leisure facilities, schools and of course provided home, housing and living space for the members of his tribe including  his very own Leader domicile,with his wifes and sons.

He had just left the planet surface for the last time and soon the tribe would move on to digest the loot, to trade and banter with other tribes and to eventually pick another target.

That he most likely doomed the Thka society was neither concerning him nor did it weigh on his consciousness.

He was not like some of the Dai tribal leaders  that tried to limit their impact, only killed when necessary and show mercy whenever possible. He saw such considerations  as a sign of weakness. Many tribes shunned the taking of slaves. Very few stooped to that level and bantered with other societies that purchased sentient beings for a variety of purposes.

The Thka a semi humanoid species of carbon based nitrogen oxygen breathers only  just recently attained tech level three.Recently in terms of civilization development that is.

Tech Three was that magical threshold when a technical society discovers and harnesses the second spectrum and realizes that there are means to travel faster than light after all. If such a civilization develops its first star drive and successfully crosses the light barrier it realizes that thousands of civilizations had done the very same thing, often many thousand years earlier and meekly arrives on the so called galactic stage.

In terms of galactic distances, the Thka were close to an old and quite powerful space faring society, the Quadi-Peds. These massive four legged beings were a benevolent society of warriors, that liked to be seen as the protectors of the weaker.

One of their colonies was close, first contact was made and the Quadi welcomed the Thka. It was quite fortunate for the Thka to be close to a well established society that had a solid reputation.

However no known technology existed that allowed reliable faster than light communication with any substantial range or speed. Unless you took the Long Range Telepaths of the Kermac into account, but they were rarely to be found outside Kermac space and could not relay pictures or complex data.

The Quadi-ped would of course be upset and might even cause trouble for smaller tribes that they became aware off, but in general Dai Tribes were elusive and hard to fight as they did not have planetary bases, no central government and were here today and there tomorrow.

After he had returned to the immense Dai Mother of his clan, he climbed out of the one seater fighter craft, modified for surface bombardement and was immediately surrounded by his  favorite sons and the chieftains of his tribe. They laughed and told each other stories about big explosions and laughed at the fate of the frightened new slaves in their holds awaiting to be sold for valuable resources.

They followed their leader through the corridors as he made his way to the Control chamber, a cavernous spherical place in the center of the huge, almost 11 miles long ship. They begun bantering about their shares of the loot.

Soon the laughter would change into challenges and the sound of drawn swords.

Some challenges would die right there, some would escalate to first blood drawn and a few would redefine the chain of command or reaffirm it. This was the way of the Dai.

Tar-Kur had reached Control and mounted the command throne that was prominently featured in the center of the large hall, which served both as a throne room and a command seat for the Dai Mother and the entire tribe.

He loosened the buckles of his battle harness and leaned back.

The still young and haughty Tribes lord was wearing a very elaborate decorated version of the standard Dai armor.

Made of dark red, tooled leather with intricate swirls of iridium threat embroidery following chest and muscle lines.

Beneath the leather was a layer of thin but incredible tough woven metal mesh and an airtight insulation layer of modern radiation opaque material. Beneath it   a web of artery like service lines for air, heating, waste removal and other necessary systems that made this artful traditional Dai Armor a fully functional space suit. All Tar-Kur had to do was rise the soft transparent hood, currently stored in his collar over his head and seal it. The soft hood  would become a ridgid helmet in an instant.

Like every Dai warrior he wore a wide assortment of weapons both open and hidden all over his body. Most prominent of course the two Dai blade across his back, and the five traditional knives in  the cross shaped chest harness.

On the upper left, 'the knife that should never be drawn', meant to kill a traitor. 'The knife of blood revenge' that once drawn could not be put back into its shead unless it has tasted the blood of the person it was drawn against, on the upper right.

The lower left strap was 'the knife to regain the last honor', and meant for traditional suicide.

Across it, in the lower right was the 'knife of brotherhood'. The knife that would be drawn to inflict a wound on a declared friend that gained the honor to be called a brother.

The criss crossing harness came together behind a disc shaped plate prominent on any Dai battle suit. The plate was about two hands wide in diameter and bore the Tribal glyph on the outside, and behind it the Alti-Karr, 'the Blade of the Dai Warrior'. The Alti Karr was a ring shaped knife, some versions with serrated and some with a smooth razor sharp edge all around.

Dai Warriors could throw these round disc-knives at  great distance and with deadly accuracy; even make it bounce of hard surfaces and strike enemies around corners or behind cover. It was an old weapon that meant little against enemies in armored suits, but its mastery was still considered a measure of the Dai Warriors skills.

The  elaborate throne and command seat of the young tribal leader had a special backrest that allowed him to lean back,even while  wearing his swords.

The Tribal leader was relatively young, his father had died in an honor fight at Thana Shoo against a warrior of the Hi tribe.

It happened during the last great tribal meeting that occured only every ten years, when all Dai Tribes assembled in their former home system and gathered on the surface of the largest remaining fragment of their homeworld, 'the Heart of Thana Shoo'.

Tar-Kur made an universally recognized gesture to underline his desire  to his oldest chieftain."Let us depart and set course for Alvor's Cove. We have plenty of slaves that I intend to sell but not feed for very long."

His comment caused several Dai nearby to laugh.

Yes, Tar-Kur thought of himself as strong, almost invincible and secure in his world. Who could stand against the Dai?

He also considered himself quite handsome. He was humanoid in shape and appearance. He had bright red skin, oil slick black hair that was pulled back tightly into a short ponytail. Like all Dai he had bright yellow eyes with black lense shaped pupils and pointed ears.

Scholars of many species believed that the Dai belonged to the human species that shared a common origin in a distant past. This forgotten kinship among the humanoid species all across the galaxy was collectively known as the Human Mystery.

To the day this was unacceptable and whatever undeniable evidence pointed to such common ties, was part of the Forbidden Past and thus taboo to be discussed, mentioned or even thought about.

Tar-Kur certainly never wasted much thought on the past.

One of his chieftains turned to face him, he was in charge of all the sensing and probing systems a space ship needed. "My liege, it appears another very large Dai clan just arrived in the system, judig by the size of the old mothers  it must be the Hi."

He smiled an evil grin, as he disliked the Hi tribe more than even other non Dai societies."Send message to our haughty brethren that they are welcome to whatever scraps we left behind. It appears the Hi clan came a little late."

Again there was laughter but not as many as before. Tribe wars were not unheard or unlikley and if the Hi  were here to take the spoils of the recent raid, there would be little left of Tar-Kur and his young tribe.

The message was sent and a new one received. "Hear the voice of Tar-Or-Hi and heed what is said to you! I have come to summon you and your clan before the Pale Ones at Thana Shoo."

"What summon? The gathering is not this year or the next. What can you hear and we can not?"

"The Pale Ones have summoned you. Return all those you stole from their worlds; those that are not Dai and languish in your holds! Cleanse what is not Dai as you must come before the Pale Ones."

"I am the Chief of the Qo tribe. I do not follow orders or summons of other Chiefs, the Pale Ones may summon me on their own."

It was suddenly very quiet in the control center. No one laughed.

Tar-Kur and everyone aboard old enough to think knew what it meant to disregard the Pale Ones. He and anyone following his command would become Daisho, out cast from Thana Shoo and the Dai society. All that was Dai Than would not rest until the stain on the collective honor was wiped into oblivion to eradicate what is Daisho.

One of his senior chieftains spoke."This is business of the most serious kind, brethren, but Tar-Kur and not Tar-Or is our Lord! Qo and not Hi the name of our tribe. I follow the Pale Ones summon but it must be received by the Ramakoo!"

Others agreed."The Ram-a-koo has not stirred or has it?"

They all, including  Tar-Kur looked to the rear of the command hall and to the elaborate decorated shrine of the Ram-a-koo, the living heart of the Dai Mother. No Dai knew or dared to find out what it really was.

In whispered conversation of the most hushed kind, warnings of the most severe nature were spoken, never to open the shrine and lways to heed its messages.

The Ram-a-koo connected all Dai no matter where they were with Thana Shoo.

A very old almost blind Dai lorded over this heart and he stumbled down from his seat near the Dai Mother's heart. His voice full of sorrow and alarm"It has not stirred, Lord  Tar-Kur. The Ram-a-koo of the Qo tribe is dead! This why the Hi brought the summon"

Another voice yelled."The Hi tribe is leaving!"

Tar-Or's voice thundered over the receivers. "So grave must be the offense you committed, the Ram-a-koo is no longer pulsing life into your tribe. The Qo glyph is broken, you are not Dai Than, you are not even Daishoo, you are nothing. Draw the knifes of shame to purge yourself of existence."

There was utter silence and a young warrior took all his courage."What has caused this?"

Before anyone could answer, the sensor operator announced new arrivals. "The Harok is back. it is no longer wounded..."

Someone else added."The Harok is not alone. There are many thousand like it and one is as big as our Dai Mother!"

All of Tar-Kur's bravado had dissipated. He was sure he heard someone say: "The story never ends well for those who attack the Harok."