Xeno Activity Xeno Activity (Volume 3 GC Book 3)

Cycle of Books in the Galactic Chronicles Series.

1) Xeno Axctivity follows the Nazi Ufos and the Admiral Byrd Expeditioevents in Sid Lemmons life. He, a briish agent and a stubborn girl from Ireland seek to solve the mystery of Nazi Bases and Flying Saucers at the South Pole 2) More Xeno Activity Sid Lemmon and his friends travel to Egypt to find out more about a mysterious group called the Friends of Earth 3) Axion Peter Baker, a Texas Ranger and his friends are recruited by a secret Government agency that investigates Alien activity 4) The Ascent World war III  breaks out. China seems to dominate the world. Then it happens Aliens land on the White House Lawn

The Books are forthcoming

This is thethird book chronologically in the Galactic Chronicles Saga.

Previous Book was :

Defenders of Earth  ('Galactic Chronicles Book 02 ) 'Volume 2 GC Book 2 ) this is  

Xeno Activity ('Galactic Chronicles Book 03 ) 'Volume 3 GC Book 3  )

The next Book is

'Children of Terra [1] (Galactic Chronicles Book 04  ) '(Volume 1 GCBook 4  )

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