Pleiades Star Cluster

Xunx expanse

Xunx Reach

The area of space known to Earthers as the Pleiades was the also the region of space where the Xunx developed and expanded. The area became known as the Xunx Reach as the Sarans and other space faring civilizations had called that area. Sometimes it is called Old Xunx Space.

After the complete eradication of the Xunx civilization by United Terra, this area was among the first Terran settlers reached and colonized.

The Yutoo System ,Lichthaus System, and Solken System are a few of the colonized systems in this area.

Former Xunx Space extends beyond the Pleiades Star Cluster, but this prominent cluster is at its center.

The Celaeno (Celeno or 16 Tauri) ) star system as it was known to pre-astro Terrans, was also the home system of the Xunx. The Xunx home world was completely destroyed by Terran Planet Buster Bombs and exists now as an asteroid field in the fourth orbit around 16 Tauri.

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