Y'All Control Device

A mysterious device of Tech Level 9 or above . it is fist sized and can be used to control Y’All .

Control Device

This device was used by Kermac Agents to control the two captured Y’All at a secret Union Xeno research facility (Tabernacle 12). The device was secured by Eric Olafson ( 2nd year cadet at that time) after fighting the Kermac Agents and the two Y’All.

The device deepens the suspicion of Union security and intel agencies that the Kermac had an active role in the previous Y’All invasions. The rumor persists for quite some time but no proof could be found, until this device was secured.

Later tests by Dr. Shea Schwartz (formerly known as Wetmouth) and Admiral TheOther revealed that the device is a Instant Communication Device not unlike the Instant trans-light communication used by the Union working on a special command frequency that every Y’All has to obey. It is still unclear how the Kermac obtained this device and if they have more devices of this kind.

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