In the United Stars Navy , a yeoman is a rating usually with secretarial, clerical, payroll or other administrative duties.

History of the TermEdit

In March 1917, Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels realized that the Naval Reserve Act of 1916 used the word "yeoman" instead of "man" or "male", and allowed for the induction of "all persons who may be capable of performing special useful service for coastal defense." He began enlisting females as Yeoman (F), and in less than a month the Navy officially swore in the first female sailor in Terran / United States history.

Yeoman in the United Stars NavyEdit

Yeoman in the United Stars Navy during the 4th Intergalactic War, personnel became sparse. The Academy could not produce enough officers and Enlisted were needed to fight. So beings who did not qualify for the Academy were accepted under the Yeoman Program and the Yeoman Reservist Program performing clerical duties such as filing, stenography, bookkeeping, accounting, inventory control, and clerk duties, load handling, GalNet operation. But also Sensor operators, electricians, draftsmen, pharmacists, photographers, nursing aides, Tele Psionics, Forensic assistants, chemists, bomb loaders, legal aids, clerks, cooks, and so forth.

Yeomen do not attend boot camp instead go through Yeoman Training that lasts only 6 weeks. Today there are still Yeoman, some of the Roles of the Yeoman are taken by civilian contractors and employees, but only on bases. On ships and at recruiting posts it is still only Yeoman. The Yeoman Program is no longer advertised and not actively recruited for, but it is kept on the books and in service. The Yeoman School on Planet Guam-Novo graduates 3-4 million Yeoman every year.

In the Rank system, Yeoman are treated separately. They can not be promoted directly to officers or get promoted into the Non-Com Rank System. However, they can have limited Command Authority when it comes to their specialized post[1].  Yeoman can request or be recommended to take the Yeoman to Enlisted Test.  In some cases, Yeoman can also be recommended to take the Academy Exam and then enter second Year Academy training. There are four hundred known cases where Yeomen were field promoted to Warrant Officer or Ensign grade (All except one during the 4th Intergalactic war) The last known Field promotion to Ensign happened aboard the USS Tigershark when Captain Olafson promoted Yeoman O' Connors

The Yeoman Ranks areEdit

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  1. This Command Authority comes as a result of them representing the Commanding Officer to whom they are attached
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