Yngve Lofdah1
Yngve Lofdahl

Union Citizen Native to Planet Nilfeheim - Race Affiliation : Terran Human

Only son of Holm and Hilde Lofdahl. The Lofdahl Clan is a very new and very small Clan on Nilfeheim . The clan has no burg, but a large house in Halstaad Fjord. The Clan is not very traditional and Holm is a successful Kelp and Seaweed grower and merchant.

Yngve is physically weak and while he grew up constantly bullied by others until he met Eric Olafson who became his class mate at Union School and they both became friends.

The bullying stopped for the most part as none of the bullies really wanted to mess with Eric.

Yngve is very intelligent ( Level 10 Intellect) and ambitious. Yngve left Nilfeheim even before Union school graduation (he finished school on Holstein ) and became a successful commodities trader. Yngve meets  Sif Arnske on Pluribus.Later he is killed during a robbery on Pluribus and Sif seeks Eric’s Help to find and punish the Killers. (*)

(*)GC:11 – Eric’s Odyssey

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