The Yokuta are a species that originates on Arlicherb 2 in the Arlicherb System.

Due to genetic similarities it is generally believed that the Yokuta are a forgotten Elly colony. The Elly look somewhat different, but share the same trunk like nose and the pointed ears. In general Yokuta grow heavier and taller than the Elly and are physically stronger, but not as agile.

The Yokuta have reached Tech Level 3 on their own before being invaded by the Nogoll, who were invading on behalf of the Kermac and the Galactic Council.

The home world of the Yokuta was occupied for over 300 years by the Nogoll, until the Nogoll–Union War in 5016. This war freed the Yokuta and they expressed interest in Union Membership.

Cadet Eric Olafson was instrumental in foiling a planet wide catastrophe and was part of the reason the Yokuta joined the Union in 5016. In an expression of gratitude they renamed the Spaceport on Arlicherb 2, the Eric Olafson Spaceport.

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