(mentioned first by Lt. Clusen as possible designation, where the Olafson Gang could be sent)


Yuri’s World was one of 67 worlds classified as X Class Planet. (Meaning no other regular classification really fits.) In all appearance Yuri’s World would be a Class 4E Garden world, a very dry desert planet very marginally able to sustain life. It has a NiOx atmosphere and an average gravitation.

The world was briefly surveyed from orbit by the USS Portland as part of the Galactic Survey project and named Yuri after the CMO of the Portland (Dr. Yuri Tscherenkov).

The planet is one of eight in the Routé System in the Spinward Sector. Sixty light years to the galactic north of Saran Prime One and only thirty Ly from First Step (The system where the Bridge begins), however all attempts to survey the world closer has been unsuccessful.

The Sarans believe it was one of their lost colonies destroyed by the Dark Ones. Not even Union Marines or Cerberus robots were successful.

It is told that the Y’ All landed over 20,000 troops and not one left.

Over 500 beings have been lost on Union side trying to solve the Yuri’s world mystery.

The planet has a Union Satellite in orbit warning of the deadly conditions.

It is here where Eric Olafson had to make the CHOICE.

The planet is now a regular Class 4 E.

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