Yutoo system

Yutoo System

USotG System – Upward Sector- Xunx Quadrant

White Star, stable

6 Planets

34 Planetoids

Asteroid Belt – Tord Belt


  • 1) Togyuu – tidelocked Class Ia Planet
  • 2) Glut – Class Ia Planet
  • 3) Flucht – Class IIa Planet
  • 4) Gigaball – Class Seven Gasgiant – 14 larger moons. Largest Moon Twilight
  • 5) Mel – Class Six Gasgiant – 21 Moons
  • 6) Ohma- Class XIII-f Planet

Main world is Twilight, largest moon in orbit around Gigaball

Surveyed after the Xunx Conflict in, only Twilight a moon around Gigaball has marginal Garden world conditions.


Surveyed right after the Xunx Conflict and only 23 light years from the former Xunx Main world, it was claimed by United Terra. Gigaball was the first planet to be occupied and used . Floating NuGas refineries were installed on the Gas giant and Ohma the outmost ice and rock ball only marginally larger than Pluto was made into a Fleet base for the Terran Defense Fleet.

The Moon named Twilight was first settled by Dust Miners, skimming the mineral rich dust oceans.

After the formation of the Union, Yutoo lost its military importance and the Fleet base on Ohma was downscaled to Quadrant Security.

Twilight developed to be the main world in the system and has become a well developed and populated world.

Only recently Flucht, a very hot extreme world became an occupied world and while a Union world it is mostly a Mining and production world for Savoy Engineering Corp.

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