Yvonne. Personal Assistant to Mr. Schwartz

Yvonne is the Chief Executive Assistant to Mr. Rex Schwartz. Only a select few know that she is an Android. She is a self aware machine and perhaps the most advanced artificial life form / android machine in the known Galaxy. Besides assisting Mr. Schwartz in all his business tasks, she also functions as body guard and to perform this task she is equipped with a wide variety of offensive and defensive weaponry,

Yvonne can operate in nearly any environment, is almost indestructible. Yvonne is directly linked to Marco Polo the SII Industry Central Omnitronic s and via Obsidian the GalNet Central surveillance system she monitors nearly all SII business transactions and is aware of every detail of the Giga Corp.

She is modeled after Clara Schwartz, the first daughter of Rex that had been abducted and brutally murdered. She carries Clara’s personality imprint.

She is ruthless and loyal to Rex Schwartz alone.

There are 300 back up Yvonne’s available and sometimes up to one hundred operate at the same time all over the SII business empire. To many it appears she can be at many places at the same time.

Yvonne is immune to Psionics and can deactivate the persona imprint whenever human emotions could get in the way.