There are different technologies and systems described as stasis devices. These devices render the object (whether alive or inert) placed inside in a state of suspended animation. Early stasis systems use freezing in what is known as Cryo-stasis. Cryo-stasis is only affective on living organisms and has a limited duration as for how long an organism can be placed in this condition. The Union has since developed a technology called Zero Stasis which places any object inside the Stasis field in a Zero time condition. The system uses a modified principle of the ISAH technology and basically removes the object from the standard universe into a dimensional layer where time does not exist.

For whatever is inside the field time simply does not pass, movement or any other activity including
Stasis ch

Zero Stasis chamber aboard the USS Tigershark

thinking, dreaming, communication and Psionic powers are impossible.

Zero Stasis Specimen boxes are used by Exobiologists and Xeno Techs to place samples, specimen and devices in a safe state for later examination.

Zero Stasis is also widely used in the medical field to stabilize the seriously wounded until proper treatment is possible.

Military grade space suits and escape pods have stasis generators in case life support is failing or rescue may take a long time.

High security detention facilities often use Zero Stasis technology to contain dangerous prisoners and life forms.

The USS Tigershark was the first Union vessel to be equipped with a Zero Stasis security brig and Zero Stasis internal security curtains.

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