zero point energy power storage Edit

also know as: ZPE’s , Power Cubes, Zero Cubes and Juice dice.

All these terms refer to zero point energy storage devices, that come in many shapes and sizes and power everything from flashlights, PDD’s to boats, flyers and recently even small spaceships.

Zero-point energy of harmonic oscillator.svg

<p style="margin-bottom:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height: normal">The energy output and duration of the device varies by model and manufacturer, but as soon as the system is altered into a different state, the ZPE’s no longer produce energy and must be replaced.


SII Zero Point Cube Maritim Size

Zero Point energy cannot be used for ISAH engines as part of these systems are exposed to a different state of space-time and render the physical conditions for a ZPE device impossible. However small inter system ships that do not need to go trans light often use ZPE.

ZPE devices inside a ship that travels faster than light continue to work as the Dimensional conditions are carried over within the ISAH field.

(The boats on Nilfeheim are powered by such Cubes – First mentioned in GC 5)

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