Zezzazzzzz, Service Number 3094821-Z-3433, or Zezz by most, is a Purple Throat Shiss. He joined the United Stars Navy and became a starship Captain. Zezzazzzzz is known to be among the best Small Craft pilots. He is one of Eric Olafson’s early mentors and friends. Zezzazzzzz married a Saurian female and adopted three kids of which two are human. And has a brother named Zhuzzzz. He is one of the few individuals who hold the Blue-Blue-Red security clearance and knows both Richard Stahl and Obrock Mc Elligott on a personal level.

Stahl discovered him while he was in the Academy and kept an eye on the Shiss. Zezzazzzzz served his third Academy year on the Devastator and like Eric Olafson and a few others was allowed to command the Devastator as Acting Captain while still being a Midshipman. He managed to impress Stahl even more.

Purple throat

Purple Throat Shiss

After serving several years with the Small Craft Development Bureau and six years aboard the USS Saratoga, a large Kenya Class carrier first as fighter pilot and graduating to Flight Boss, he was transferred to the USS Little John as the battle ships XO.

Captain Zezz Edit

Serving the Little John and the fleet with distinction he was offered with Admiral Stahl’s personal recommendation the Captain seat of the USS Hyperion, a newly commissioned battleship.

during that time he had taken midshipman Eric Olafson for his secound academy year and had him trained as an OPS officer.

Admiral Zezz Edit

He served at this position for nearly twenty eight years, before he accepted a Rear Admiral commission overseeing advanced fighter development.

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